• A Letter to My Future Children (Marijuana Edition)

    One of the benefits of anonymity is I get to do stupid things without being judged. This is a great example. A brief backstory: A Letter to My Future Children was one of the most difficult things I ever tried to write. There was too much I wanted to say, I...

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  • Affirmation Experiment: Enter the Mule

    One of my dreams when I started the Affirmation Experiment was to find a close friend of mine — someone I've known for years — and see if affirmations would work for them. The Mule and I have known each other since grade school.  We've been close friends for over...

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  • The SExIER Curve: The Seed and The Gardener

    If you’re here, you probably read my SExIER Curve article for High Existence. I hope you chuckled whenever you read the phrase “DIARRHEA Drop-off,” because I chuckled every time I wrote it. The SExIER Curve has huge implications for anyone doing the Affirmations Experiment.  Because I try to keep my HE articles tight,...

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  • The Great Affirmations Experiment: Chapter 1

    What is the Great Affirmation Experiment? If someone told you that you could change your life with one sentence, would you believe them?  Even if they ranted and raved about the power of affirmations and how they can help you achieve your wildest dreams, you'd still be skeptical. Unless you had...

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  • Self-Understanding: Because Self-Help (Often) Sucks

    I like you. What I don’t like is “self-help” and “self-improvement.”  Both terms bring too much baggage and too many unanswered questions, the most common being: Is this author really qualified to tell me what’s best for myself?   Answer: No, they’re not.  You’re the only person who knows what’s...

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  • A Message from a Mind on Magic Mushrooms

    When people describe magic mushroom trips, they never do it right. They always focus on the visuals, which are the least interesting part of the experience. They don't focus on the love. They don't focus on the joy. They don't focus on the complete acceptance you feel in the moment as your ego disappears...

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